Te Whare Ora o Eketāhuna, Eketāhuna Health Centre

Flu Vaccinations:
Will be on Wednesday and Thursdays, please ring to confirm.

Chair Yoga:
Monday mornings from 9.30am to 10.20 am

Community Garden:
Just a reminder that our winter planting has sort of started, and if you are
wanting to plant can you please leave a message at EHC and our garden people can keep an updated record of the produce. The feijoa trees are giving off plenty of fruit, please bring a bag to collect some.

Give a Little Page:
As many of you will have noticed we currently have a ‘Give a Little Page ’ set up for donations, your donation is gladly accepted and we thank you, please help us maintain the good health service we have at EHC.

Menz Shed:
Meets fortnightly at EHC

Morning Tea Group:
Meets every 3rd Tuesday morning, May weaving with flax ( flowers), June
Matariki, July Mid Winter Dinner, August Pink Ribbon

Community Exercise Group:
Every Tuesday morning from 9.15am to 9.50am, with PHO Exercise
Educator, Jonathan van Klink. Any fitness level welcome, from a slow walk with assistance to the medium stroll person.

Wairarapa Reap
Adult classes: Te Reo Māori (Learners to Medium) Monday night, Start up
Computers Tuesday night, Sewing Wednesday night, Driver’s Learner License to start in July.

Other Services at EHC:
Child Health Immunisations, Vaccination and prescribed injections,
Laboratory blood and specimen collection every day before 10.15am, Health consultation, wound dressin gs and assessments, ACC Registered, Prevention/monitoring of Heart Disease blood pressure monitoring cholesterol and diet advice, Diabetes prevention and monitoring
education and referrals, Weight clinic and exercise group, healthy eating info and advice , Emergency and home visits, and Pharmacy Depot.

Service Fees:
Children & Youth (0 -18 years) FREE,
Health consultation $5.00, B/P $5.00,
Dressing (non ACC) $8.00, ACC (part Charge) $10.00,
injection $5.00,
ECG $20.00,
Cervical Smear $15.00 – There may be no charge if certain criteria are met. Flu vaccinations – please enquire as there may be no charge is certain criteria are met.
Blood collection donation.

These are made during the lunch hour for certain unwell patients who cannot get to the clinics $5.

Emergency Services – Urgent Ambulance Phone: 111

Call Us Weekly On 3758188
If there is No Reply please contact your GP
Or call Healthline 0800 611 611

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