Greetings fellow villagers,

Your Menzshed is currently very busy servicing village needs.

We currently have a large vegetable cupboard under construction for the food bank, have just completed a storage box for members of the community and are well involved refurbishing bird nest boxes for Mt Bruce Bird Farm, so, for a bunch of oldies we are at the moment fairly full on.

We must acknowledge Robbie and Amanda from Mt Bruce. They have a friend that had a jointer that he no longer required, which was happily donated to the Menzshed. We picked this piece of plant up last Wednesday and we are absolutely delighted with it, a small amount of restoration and it will be a great asset to our operation, so a very very big thank you to you all.  Very much appreciated.

Remember we meet most Wednesday mornings and if you have an item you would like repaired, or have an idea you would like manufactured, pop in an see us to find if we are capable of doing it.


Sweeney (for Dave Shannon)

Menz Shed

Terry Carew (Secretary/Treasurer) 06 3758686 or 021 1455947