Eketāhuna Fire Brigade

With having 2 house fires in as many months, please check you smoke alarms, replace the batteries…

If you don’t have an alarm, please buy one.

The 1st fire 1 person was burnt badly but alive to tell the story.  The 2nd house fire the family was lucky to get out alive even though it was minimal damage to house. 

It’s not the fire that kills, it the smoke and this house was full of smoke when they were woken by people in their house.  For more information on smoke alarms go to Fire & Emergency’s Smoke Alarms checking and maintenance page.

Smoke Alarm

Ash from fire please place in steel bucket and take away from buildings, many house fires start with ash at back doors.  Ash stays hot for some days after taking out. 

Check before you light a fire at www.checkitsalright.nz

Please check with family and friends when you are at their house check smoke alarms for them.

Stay Safe