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You may have spotted some changes in the blue building over the road from the Eketāhuna Inn.

This is a grand building from the days when Eketāhuna was an important supply centre for the region, and includes some sheds, as the story goes, housed a horse drawn coach station.

Matthew Nisbet aims to establish a ceramic studio and retail outlet for the new venture, . Examples of the works made from original Crown Lynn moulds produced can be seen on . Other ceramics made in the Napier studio are sold to retail outlets throughout NZ.

Crown Lynn is well known, a kiwi icon. Verification of branding is underway with good support, soon a new website will showcase the work to be made here, including the Swans! Part of working with these forms, some in constant production since 1948, is increasing the range with unique and limited ranges to keep interest for collectors and future generations.

This Legacy Forward agenda, looks back from 2200; adding existing popular lines that example a period in NZ fashion – the shapes that keep on keeping on! Matthew Nisbet is seeking to establish an artisan culture – individuals who balance quality production with artist projects, using a range of specialised skills and new technology.
A manufacturing studio with Artisans can help designers to create exciting new products.

Eketāhuna is the ideal town!
On SH2, with interesting shopping, good parking, and a Community that cares; placing the flagship for one NZ icon, in another, can offer mutual strength.

Other ideas include, studios in the shed at the back, a sculptural garden on the land next door (Google – Amazespace Kawakawa), and seeding new craft making enterprises under a marketing and business umbrella. Already strong interest from well known Master Potters and designers, offers exciting opportunities to build the Artisan Project- a community that shares skills, passed generation to generation, developing a national identity.

First though, in the near future. Matthew will be seeking a few people keen to learn ceramics and build a business that can offer a life-long job.
Your interest is welcomed at

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Matthew Nisbet
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