We Need Your Help Please.

Eketāhuna Mellemskov Museum Shelving Update

We need you HELP. We have aquired more shelving through generous donations, as well as a set of Lundia shelving to compliment the ones we already have, at a cost. We have aquired these at a bargin price all up, something we would like to reduce through your help. Any donations to help cover thois cost would be much appreciated. Please forward this on to any one/organisation/group who you think may be able to help.
Currently we have 2 x double mobile units with 2 x single fixed end units. Giving us 6 open faced shelves totaling 10.8 lineal meters. These are now at a point of overflowing.
The new shelving is 6 x 2 double mobile units, giving a total of 12 open faced shelves (21.6 lineal meters), and would hold all our current collection, allowing for future expansion.

Contact us at the Museum:

eketahunamuseum@gmail.com or on Messenger