Community Use of FlagTrax & Signs

Eketāhuna Our Town would like to make available usage of the Eketāhuna Our Town FlagTrax system and changeable signage on the Exit and Entry Signs to community organisations, businesses and local individuals to use.

Please refer to Eketāhuna Our Town Committee Inc. Flagtrax & Entry/Exit Sign Usage Policy to see whether the usage you envisage is covered. If it is please complete the booking form, including either a digital or printed copy of the proposed Flag design/Sign Wording and drop it into the Eketāhuna Information Centre.

Forms can be submitted online, by email to or presented at the Information Centre or Eketāhuna Library. Date of receipt will be considered the date the application has been made. The application will then be considered by the Eketāhuna Our Town Sign/Flag subcommittee for approval. Once approved in writing payment is due.

Flags and signs must be delivered to the Eketāhuna Information Centre a week prior to installation and must be collected no later than a week after the rental period has concluded. Eketāhuna Our Town will not be responsible for returning signs and flags unless a prepaid, self-addressed, courier pack is provided from a courier company.