Other Eketāhuna Attractions

Check out Eketāhuna’s 3D artwork created by local artist Mark Watson, the art reflects the bush where the Kiwi would be found. 3D glasses to enjoy the artwork can be purchased from the nearby Information Centre for $2.  This is just one of Mark Watson’s many projects around town.

Eketāhuna also has some amazingly talented artists

There are many more talented artists, call into the Eketāhuna Information Centre for more details.

Annual & Biennial Events

We have a wide range of Annual Events and Biennial Events such as the Mellemskov Mot, Wings over Wairarapa, Lawn Mower Racing, Santa Cruise among many others.

Mellemskov Mot 2019
Avro Anson
Avro Anson 2021 Wings Over Wairarapa

Middleton Model Railway

One of the largest Model Railways in New Zealand. Middleton is an imaginary town in the English East Midlands and is modelled in OO scale.
The town is served by two main stations (Exchange and Central) built by competing companies. A third station (Belgrave Road) is a large terminus. From Middleton, lines run to Eastwich (a seaport and holiday resort) by two alternative routes. There are also branch lines to Banbury and Langton.

For more details on Middleton Model Railway go to their website or call Colin 06 375 8634.

Dark Skies For Star Gazers

We have beautiful dark skies and with little light pollution. So if you want to check out the immensity of the night skies bring your telescope. In winter we often get chilly but clear nights. If you are checking the Met Service app we recommend you not only look at their forecast for Eketāhuna but also Managamutu. Mangamutu has a rural weather station and if weather systems are coming down and across the country then the Mangamutu forecasts are often more accurate. The Met Service Eketāhuna app forecasts rely on weather stations in Masterton and are most accurate for weather coming up from the south.

The photos above are shots taken in Eketāhuna during the 2021 Blood Lunar Eclipse.

Anzac Bridge

A special monument to honour some of our fallen soldiers.

Come and play 18 holes at our magnificent Golf Course or in the winter check out some heartland rugby. We also have a fabulous tennis court (freshly resurfaced) and numerous scenic walks inlcuding the Cliff Walk along the river and the Lime Track for a spot of exercise at the Ruby grounds.

Eketāhuna Solar Pool is also a great place in summer and has been refurbished with a replica of its original Art Deco facade. Entrance by Skate Park in Bridge Street.

And for all of your food and drink requirements, we offer a fantastic selection of stores on the Main St Lazy Graze Café & Addiction Café will have you covered for lunch, morning & afternoon teas. Then we have Ryli’s Kiwi Kai and the Eketāhuna Inn who will look after you for your important evening meals.

Eke Inn – Pub, Meals, Accommodation, Coffe and of course a Tui or two.

And if you require snacks or groceries call into 4 Square or G.A.S. Eketāhuna.