Site of the Eketāhuna Inn, Main Street, Eketāhuna Down The Years

Club Hotel was built in 1887 by Mr Maurice Kelliher, on the corner of what is now Main and Haswell Street. Mr Kelliher was the commissioner of the first Town Board in Eketahuna.
Club Hotel
Main Street, Eketahuna, with a mob of sheep being driven by a drover with a horse. The Club Hotel is in the left foreground.

Club Hotel 1909
Mr F.D. Pelling took it over in 1891. This photograph was published in 1909.

Club Hotel circa 1919
Club Hotel circa 1919.

Commercial Hotel aerial view 1947
An aerial view of the Commercial Hotel in 1947 - after the devastation of the '42 earthquake. It was still called the Club Hotel on official documents until 1930.

Commerical Hotel new building in situ by 1951.
Commercial Hotel new building in situ by 1951.

Commerical Hotel circa 1980s.
Commercial Hotel circa 1980s.

Inn 2018
The Eketahuna Inn 2018

Inn 2022 Areial Shot showing the Inn to the Museum
The Eketahuna Inn 2022 - aerial shot showing the Inn across to the Museum in Bengston Street.