Corner of Main & Church Street

Main Street circa 1910s with an arrow showing W.F.C.A location. 22-00074
Main Street circa pre 1920 with an arrow showing showing W.F.C.A location. W.F.C.A was established in Eketāhuna in 1902.

W.F.C.A pre 1929
W.F.C.A pre 1929

W.F.C.A  circa 1960s
W.F.C.A circa late 1950s or 1960s - premises much expanded. Petrol pumps outside.

Wright Stephenson & Co Ltd early 1970s
Wright Stephenson & Co Ltd - number plates are circa 1969 and the merger of Wright Stephenson & Co with NMA Company was in 1972 with a subsequent name change to Wrightsons and then a later name change in 1994 to PGG Wrightsons.

Saturday Street Market 2013
Doreen Goss at the Saturday Streetmarket 2013 outside PGG Wrightson. In December of 2014 PGG Wrightson moved from this site to their current location of Newman Road.

Wrighston Building
Wrightson Building 2022 next to Keinzley Ag Vets which is on the corner of Main and Bridge Streets.