Our Town Our People: Lisa and Ryan Seator

“We won the lotto – the lotto of life,” says Lisa Seator, about the chance to move to Eketāhuna. Lisa works at Eketāhuna School, runs the fish’n’chip shop, oversees the town swimming pool, and does the rubbish-bin run each night. On top of that, Lisa cleans the Health Centre and weeds the town gardens, while Ryan is a volunteer firefighter.

“It’s good to be busy,” says Lisa, who still finds a way to squeeze in some time at home to bake and decorate cakes. Ryan also juggles his time to fit in some work as a mechanic.

The couple love to work together, after spending 15 years living in Featherston but working in opposite directions and only seeing each other on the weekend. They have enjoyed living in Eketāhuna now for 15 years. “There’s always someone that waves to you here in Eke,” Lisa says.

They also love being involved in the Eketāhuna community. “We wouldn’t change a thing about our community,” says Ryan. Despite being so busy they enjoy everything in the community, from the family spirit to the compassion and kindness that people here share. 

“Whatever you put into the community it will give you twice as much back,” says Ryan. “Living in Eketāhuna is great and we wouldn’t trade it for the world.’’