Eketāhuna School Update for June 2021 Newsletter

Here we are in Term Two. This term you’ll see many taxi drivers (parents and caregivers) driving their kids all over the place because there are so many sports games and practices to get to this term!
Lots of kids enjoyed the holidays but there were also a lot who couldn’t wait to get back to school.

One of the reasons we were excited about coming back to school was our new playground. All the children have been enjoying playing on the new equipment which was installed during the school holidays. The playground includes a climbing wall, monkey bars, wobbly islands and a spinning barrel. Thanks to Eketāhuna Engineering and our caretaker Ryan for putting in all these pieces of our playground.

The netball season has started. Everyone who is playing has been super-excited and doing a lot of training. We play on Thursday afternoons in Pahiatua and all the teams have been doing well.

We are looking forward to our road race on May 28. The Tararua Bush Road Race will also be held around our school on Friday June 11. You can cheer us on if you see us running by! We have all been training every day. The senior classes have also been practicing for the Cultural Festival at the end of June.